What is P4S?

The Partnerships for Success (P4S) Project promotes equitable opportunities among under-resourced Latino residents in the Southern Border Region of San Diego County. P4S focuses on addressing unfair neighborhood conditions that negatively impact health, such as limited access to health care, mental health services, housing, employment, transportation, safe parks, education, income and wealth. These community characteristics often result in chronic stress, community trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE)s that put residents at higher risk of substance use and shorten the lifespan of people who live in these neighborhoods.

To increase prevention infrastructure and build capacity of the community, the project brings together a diverse, multi-faceted leadership team, comprised of representatives with expertise in upstream prevention, equity, public health, education, and social services. IPS and the P4S leadership team will work together to advance opportunities and policies in the Southern Border Region of San Diego County by building a community coalition, identifying barriers to public health and safety and creating viable solutions to improving community conditions and expanding access to resources that enable residents to be healthy and thrive.

This project will bring together evidence-informed approaches that promote health equity. It will engage the community by building a coalition of stakeholders that cuts across and breaks down siloed agency efforts, utilize mainstream and social media to highlight efforts, facilitate a forum for the community to voice their concerns and offer solutions, leverage IPS’ policy mapping lab to identify hot spot areas and health disparities by geography, and build the capacity of the residents to be their own best advocate.