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Brief summary of P4S

Partnerships 4 Success (P4S) aims to reduce substance use among the Latine/x population in the South Bay and Border communities of San Diego County. Our focus is on the unfair community trauma that shortens life span and leads to substance use, adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), community trauma, and shortened lifespan of people who live, work, or play in these communities.

The Problem & The Solution

From 2020 to 2022, our comprehensive research illuminated two critical public health concerns that emerged during the pandemic:
  • Information Gap: A significant information gap disproportionately affects our Spanish-speaking community members in the South region. This knowledge deficit hinders their ability to navigate daily life effectively, posing a substantial public health challenge that necessitates tailored preventative solutions like our program.
  • Park and Green Space Inequities: Our communities grapple with disparities in access to parks and green spaces, hindering physical and mental wellness for community members.
These challenges underscore the imperative for intersectional solutions, as much of the valuable work in the South Bay and Border region was occurring in isolation. The P4S program’s initial goal was to forge vital connections by forming a coalition dedicated to addressing the unique needs of the community. We seek innovative, collaborative solutions to tailor strategies specifically for the Border region.

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