IPS’ Act Model

At IPS, we believe upstream approaches to public health – those that address the physical, social, cultural, and economic environments at a population level – have the greatest impact. 

IPS’s Approach to Community Transformation (ACT) Model© is our demonstrated framework for creating upstream change. The ACT Model combines six components that strategically intersect to achieve a vision for community change. The ACT Model has been applied in communities around the nation.

Community Transformation
A Vision for Change. Every other component of the Model is applied with this vision in mind.

Media Advocacy
Producing strategic, timely, sequential news enhanced by social media to frame issues,
amplify voices, and advance change.

Data & Research
Engaging with community to gather and examine qualitative and quantitative data to accurately understand problems. Employing evidence-informed strategies, tracking progress, and evaluating outcomes.

Ensuring the necessary infrastructure, knowledge, resources, and accountability measures are in place to support long-term change.

Policy & Systems Change
Advocating for upstream solutions that advance equity and support health, safety, and opportunity.

Community Organizing
Engaging, listening to, and mobilizing communities to build collective power and break down systemic barriers.